Objectives and Goals

Objectives and Goals

The goals of Indian Chitin and Chitosan Society (ICCS) are to encourage the R&D and commercial based technologies and products based on chitin and Chitosan countrywide for the appropriate application in areas like agriculture, medicine/pharmacy, environmental engineering, food science, biotechnology and nanotechnology.


  • Encouraging the exploration of the extraction of chitin, Earth’s second most abundantly available bio-polymer for the appropriate applications
  • Encouraging the chitin/chitosan based products and technologies for agriculture and food processing
  • Enhancing the utility of chitin/chitosan in health care and hence in the biomedical applications like drug delivery, treatment of diseases, wound healing and for more clinical applications
  • Focusing on the utilization of chitin/chitosan based sustainable technologies for environmental engineering applications such as wastewater reuse and environmental protection
  • Encouraging and promoting the establishment and commercialization of industrial products based on chitin/chitosan for the day to day life usage
  • Encouraging industry-academia interaction
  • Communicating and cooperating with national and international Governmental, institutional and private agencies in matters relating to research, development and appropriate utilization of chitin/chitosan


  • Coordinating yearly meetings on national basis
  • Arranging and conducting seminars, workshops and courses to transfer the research developments and to create innovative ideas
  • Honoring the scientists/industrialists for the eminent contributions in the field of chitin/chitosan research
  • Publishing technical journals, newsletters and other publications
  • Other strategies as may arise from time to time be approved by the committee

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